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How to shop

There are many ways to find products and we have made it easier and quicker for you to pick them out and add them to your cart. Online shopping has never been easier.

Browsing Basics

You can surf and browse our store by clicking through all our departments, aisles and shelves.

  1. Start by selecting ‘Shop’ on the top navigation menu and you will be presented with 10 Departments of choice.
  2. Move your mouse pointer over one of the Departments (e.g. Grocery) and a drop-down menu will appear displaying the Aisles within that Department.
  3. Select a Department (e.g. Grocery) and its respective products will be displayed.
  4. On the left navigation menu, you will find all the Aisles for the selected Department. Select an Aisle (e.g. Breakfast Food) to narrow down your choice.
  5. You may further narrow your choice by selecting a Shelf (e.g. Cereal Bars) of the selected Aisle on the left navigation menu.
  6. Once you find a product that interests you, click on it for more information.


Shopping at our online store is as easy as browsing one of our physical stores. Select ‘Shop’ on the top navigation menu, browse the store by Departments, cruise down the Aisles and pick up items from the Shelves to view as you would in our stores.

Weekly Specials

Finding products on offer cannot be simpler. Select ‘Weekly Specials’ on the top navigation menu, browse different Departments, Aisles and Shelves just like you would in the ‘Shop’ section. To make life easier, products listed in this section are all on promotion.

Shop by Brands

If you are a shopper who likes to shop by brand, scroll all the way down to the footer of the page and locate the 'Popular Brands' list on the left. Click on 'All Brands' and you will find an index of brands from A to Z. Select a letter and its respective brand names will be displayed.


Sometimes we just want to find the product that we are looking for and add it to the cart. This is when the Search function comes in handy. Located above the top navigation menu, you can simply enter any keywords, brands or the specific product you are looking for in the search box and press 'Enter' on your keyboard or click the search button for a list of results.

Don't worry if you forgot how to spell that specific product's name as our SmartSearch function will help you in completing it by providing a list of keywords as you type.