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How to shop

My Shopping Cart contains your Cart and Delivery Location. You may view and manage your Cart or you may change your Delivery Location at any time during your visit.

Depending on your screen resolution, My Shopping Cart may be located in a different area of your screen. If you are using a low resolution screen (less than 1280x800 pixels), it will be located on the top navigation. You can click on the vbutton to view and edit your Cart's contents.

If you are using a high resolution screen (greater than 1280x800 pixels), your Cart will be located on the right of the page.

Changing Your Delivery Location

When you sign-in, your default address will be your Delivery Location which is located at the top of 'My Shopping Cart'. You may change the location by simply clicking on 'Change' and select another address from your Address Book.

Please note that if you have already added items to your Cart and you change your address with a different district, some of the items may become unavailable.

Managing Your Cart

You will be able to locate the Cart right beneath the Delivery Location information, displaying the entire order, the total number of your selected item(s) and the total purchase amount.

You may change the quantity of any selected item in your Cart by:

  1. Entering the new quantity number in the Quantity box and then pressing the 'Enter' key on your keyboard; OR
  2. Using theAdd/Subbuttons next to the Quantity box to increase or decrease the quantity.

You may remove any items from your Cart by:

  1. Clicking on theCloseicon located on the top right of each item; OR
  2. Using theSubbutton to decrease the quantity to zero.

You are able to view the Cart in full view by clicking 'View Cart' located beneath the list of items. This will enable you to see more product information. If you wish to empty your Cart and start over again, you may do so by clicking theEmpty Cartbutton. You may also save the Cart to a Shopping List by clicking on theSave to listbutton.

Items added to your Cart will be saved automatically to your account and will remain in your Cart until you have completed the Checkout process, unless you have removed it manually.