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Tracking Past Orders and Order Status is available for signed-in users. Your Past and Completed Orders will be saved in our database for up to 90 days and you can refer to them by clicking on ‘My Profile’ under ‘My Account’ located on the top right corner of the website. All orders made within 90 days will be listed and you can sort them by:

  • Order Number
  • Date of Order
  • Type of Order
  • Order Status
  • Order Amount

Clicking on an 'Order Number' will display that particular order in detail, including:

  • All Items Purchased
  • Discount for the Whole Purchase
  • Net Purchase Amount
  • Total Amount

A total of 4 order status types are available for each order:

  • Order Accepted - Order has been accepted
  • Order Cancelled - Order has been cancelled by customer
  • On Delivery - Order has been accepted and is scheduled for delivery
  • Delivery Sent and Confirmed - Order has been delivered to customer