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Once you are signed in, you will see two options on every product details page:

  • Add to Favourites
  • Add to List

These two options allow you to add a product to your Shopping List(s).

1. Add to Favourites

'Favourites' adds the product(s) to your default Shopping List. The 'Add to Favourites' button will allow you to add the product directly to 'My Favourite List'.

2. Add to List

Apart from the 'My Favourite List' Shopping List, you can also choose to add products to any of your personal Shopping Lists. Simply click [Add to List] in any product detail page, you will then be given the option to add the product to any existing Shopping List or add it to a new list. To add a product to an existing Shopping List, select any Shopping List from the drop down menu, then click. To add a product to a new List, simply input a name for your new Shopping List and click.